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Photo of Pati Harris wearing a white blouse and brown leather jacket.

Pati Harris, MA, NCC, LPCC

Plot twists . . .  yep, I know all about them. 

Since 2019, I have:

- moved to Colorado from the Chicago suburbs.

- dealt with the decline and deaths of my mom and stepdad.

- faced my husband's life-changing health diagnoses.

- celebrated my daughter's marriage.

-- grieved the death of 2 pets.

- impulsively adopted a pit bull mix puppy that we named Prudence.

- started & completed graduate school.

- and, hit menopause.

My reason for sharing these things is to let you know that I get it. 


In 2014, when my daughter went away to college, I felt adrift. I thought - what happens now? Nothing prepared me for this phase of life. (Where's the Judy Blume book for midlife?) I was no longer young, but not yet old. I was still a mom, but no longer and never again would be in the hands-on, day to day way I had been. I likely have many years of life ahead of me - but what to do with them?


When circumstances created the opportunity for me to go to graduate school and earn my master's degree in counseling, I knew I wanted to work with women in midlife. Now, my education and training, in combination with my lived experience, allows me to create meaningful connections with my clients and support them as they explore their past, live authentically in the present and create intentional plans for their future.

    Humanistic approach to counseling

     I believe that the best way I can help you overcome the challenges you face in life is by helping you to discover your strengths, positive characteristics and potential for growth and change. 

    To support that exploration, I use a variety of interventions including narrative therapy, existential therapy (meaning making), dreamwork, somatic therapy and even improv!

    If you have questions about my counseling style, please feel free to ask. 

    Plot Twist Counseling pllc

    I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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